The Perks of Buying Brand New

That New Construction Smell

With a growing amount of popular neighborhoods and communities all around San Diego, although the inventory has been low, the housing options have been plenty. Condo, single family, attached, detached, duplex, luxury, high-rise, tiny home, craftsman, Tudor, you name it, we probably have it!
The opportunity to buy new construction is appealing for many reasons, but the reality is that it won’t work for everyone. Depending on your lifestyle and goals as a buyer, it’s important for us at Kolker Real Estate Group to help you navigate the major differences between new construction and resale. Today we take a look at the top reasons we love new construction, (especially in Del Sur!).


Pride of Ownership

Are you over rising rents and what can sometimes feel like a real estate bubble waiting to burst? We are, and we know a lot of others that are, too. Take comfort in knowing that you own a gorgeous new home and can finally settle in and start enjoying your new community. No more renting, no more fixing, no more searching.

Limited San Diego New Construction

The Voice of San Diego reported from a 2009 study that only 2% of city land is vacant, while the San Diego Union Tribune reported that only about 36% of San Diego county land is even developable. The Tribune also states that San Diego ranks national as the second worst housing with 58% of its available housing being rated as a one or two stars (out of five) mainly because of inferior construction. New construction is crucial and desired!


Designed for Modern Living

Open-concept living spaces, first floor master suites, built-in granny flats and of course time-saving technology. New construction is making strides in design and functionality by creating dwellings with our quality of life in mind.


With multiple floor plans and design options, the choices are YOURS, not the person who owned before you. Builders now offer an array of options to suit the modern-day lifestyle by creating individualized experiences for inside and outside the homes. Not only can you choose colors, textures and layouts based on your needs, but you can also decide on views, proximity to amenities and also natural destinations such as walking trails.

The Amenities

They asked, we answered. One of the best perks of new construction is whether you live in a gated community or not, these homes are set up to enjoy the one thing no one can dispute… our amazing weather. Between the resort style pool areas, spas, fire-pits, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, we’ve seen no expense spared when making fabulous gathering areas for residents. Some homes you need not even venture outside your door to enjoy the indoor-outdoor living areas, aptly deemed the “Del Sur Room” to some, but nationally know as  “The California Room”.


There are a few popular builders in Southern California and also a few very important differences. Team Kolker will help you understand the differences in the builders and what it means for your home. We work closely with many local builder representatives, that are known for quality and excellence, so that we can provide our clients with the most accurate information before the public.

Let’s Take a Tour!

Now that you know how WE feel here at Kolker Real Estate Group, we’d love to know how YOU feel about new construction! Take a tour with us at one of the MANY new communities that are available now. The Estates, Artesian Estates, Avanté at Del Sur (age qualifying), Sur 33Veridian, Skye, Corzano, Milenia, Cavalli
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