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Did Someone Say New Construction?

Some might think that we have a “thing” for new construction, and they’d be absolutely right. It might not be for the reasons you think, though. Although shiny new things can be fun to look at, there’s so much more to it.

Michelle & Danielle, absolutely hating life…

When Michelle and Matt needed more space for their growing family, Del Sur was at its peak. After the home sites came the schools and businesses like Design39Campus and the Del Sur Town Center. There was also the 55+ community of Auberge and estate-esque home sites like The Estates and Artesian Estates. Soon there will be the new age qualified community, Avante, near the town center and perhaps then we’ve come full circle.

There is a life cycle to all communities, especially master planned ones like Del Sur, Escaya and our recently visited Robertson Ranch. This affects the natural landscape, the neighboring communities and of course the real estate market of San Diego as a whole. People move here to relocate, to purchase second homes and people also move within San Diego to find larger homes or downsize.

We’re Obsessed

It’s true. We’re obsessed with learning about the new construction because it can show so much about where a community is headed. We also love to know the options being given to the buyers. Knowing what design and landscaping options you have before you buy might not be on your mind when you’re staring at a gorgeously staged model home, but we keep track of those things so you don’t have to. Although the representatives for most of the construction companies are amazing at knowing the ins and outs of the community, it’s amenities and other options during the purchase,  they are still working for the company, whereas your real estate agent has only ONE prerogative… you.


No, not the home, but the service! Work with a company representative or work with an agent, but we can almost guarantee you’ll save more in time, money or both if you have an agent. We have helped NUMEROUS buyers decide between new construction and resale in the San Diego area and would love to share our tips and expertise. Call, text or email today to find out the latest and greatest in new construction. We will tell you what we’ve seen, what’s still available and what areas to consider based on your lifestyle.

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